LASCO System Administration

Pioneer jukebox DRM-1804X (4xSpeed SCSI External CD-ROM 18 Disc MiniChanger) with 
iXOS-JUKEMAN Version 2.4 Release is attached to the lasco1 Workstation.

Jukebox is mounted as /juke on lasco1,lasco2 and corona. 

How to access jukebox under MS Windows (95, 98, 00, NT) first time?

	Double click on icon My Computer. 
	Click on Map Network Drive. 
	Find and click Corona and juke. 

	Your Path should be:\\CORONA\juke. 

How to manage disks under UNIX? 

	Try with the following command: %cdadm


	Display jukebox status:

	%cdadm -h lasco1 survey -v +dso  1 lz_05_0149  2 lz_05_0150  3 lz_05_0151  4 lz_05_0152  5 lz_05_0153  6 lz_05_0154  7 lz_05_0155  8 lz_05_0156  9 lz_05_0157 10 lz_05_0147 11 lz_05_0148 12 lz_05_0142 13 lz_05_0130 14 lz_05_0143 15 lz_05_0144 16 lz_05_0145 17 lz_05_0131 18 lz_05_0146


	+d	the name of the device descripton file (
	+s 	slot number
	+o	original disk name

	Insert/remove disks:

	%cdadm -h lasco1 remove 17-18

	instructs the server to remove the disk in slot 17-18 and request the server to
	block incoming requests. Now you can manualy change the disks.

	%cdadm -h lasco1 insert 17-18
	%cdadm -h lasco1 testcd 17-18	{server inspects 	disks and resumes normal operation).

For more information read:
Jukeman Documentation (273 pages in PDF format)

Local AnswerBook2 Library Solaris 7, 8
Sun Documentation