24 May 2019

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Fast CMEs

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The coronal mass ejection (CME) from 15th Jan 1996, observed by  LASCO-C3 in white light. The  sequence shows  difference  images  relative to   a reference image taken prior to the ejection event.
15.1.1996 06:10 - 15.1.1996 18:44
75 frames, 512x256, 9.38MB (MVI), 3.27MB (MPEG),   source: MPS


A huge mass ejection observed by LASCO-C3 in  white light. The   sequence of images shows difference images relative to a reference image taken   at the beginning of the sequence.
9.7.1996 13:52 - 10.7.1996
14 frames, 512x288, 1.97MB (MVI), 0.65MB (MPEG),   source: MPS

A very fast mass ejection observed by LASCO-C1 at a wave length of 530.3 nm.The continuum intensity  at 530.9 nm was  subtracted from each image.The residual intensity made visible this way is emitted from coronal Fe-XIV ions at a temperature of 1.5 million degrees. The images  are not  calibrated by flat   field  images, pixel defects by cosmic ray hits  have not yet been removed. The ejection event took  place  right in  between two consecutive images.When the ejecta reached a distance of 2 and 5 solar radii, they could also be seen by telescopes  C2  and  C3, respectively. Since the event took place at Thanksgiving Day it was named the "Turkey Day CME".
28.11.1996 10:30 - 29.11.1996 04:50
16 frames, 334x418, 2.13MB (MVI), 0.23MB (MPEG),   source: MPS